John Mitchell Signature Cascadian Dark Ale is being released in packaged format as well as on draught.


John Mitchell Signature is a delicious Cascadian Dark Ale incorporating two things John Mitchell loved: Northwest-grown hops and a darker malt bill. 

Author of the beer recipe and KPU Brewing alumnus Mark McBride reveals that he wrote it taking inspiration from John Mitchell’s ESB recipe, as well as Mount Tolmie Dark Ale from Mitchell’s time as founder of Spinnakers Brewpub. “Combining these elements,” McBride notes, “We decided it would be a cool idea to brew a CDA.” 

Russell Brewing Head Brewer Graham Kenny confirms, “We had access to John’s old brew sheets from Horseshoe Bay Brewing and had a look at his first ever brew sheet. We took notes and guidance from that in creating this beer.”

Kenny points out the use of whole leaf Cascade hops in the brew for tradition’s sake. “They weren’t the easiest thing to track down,” he shares. “I managed to get some shipped up from Yakima Chief Hops and they were fun to brew with.” No doubt John Mitchell, always a fan of whole hops, would have approved.


KPU alumnus Michael Hodgson measures out some whole leaf hops. Photo: J. Ohler

McBride describes John Mitchell Signature Cascadian Dark Ale as follows:

This Cascadian Dark Ale features roasted and crystal malts, whole leaf Cascade hops, and the same yeast strain John used 40 years prior. 

Pleasant aromas of roasted malts are met with floral and citrus hop character. Subtle flavour notes of chocolate and dark fruit are balanced with a full body and slight creaminess.

Beer Specifications

  • IBU: 25
  • ABV: 5.4%
  • OG: 1.056
  • FG: 1.015
  • SRM: 32